Michele de Lucchi:
Michele de Lucchi, 2008
Product Name:Michele de Lucchi
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(Milanese Portraits) by Nuala Goodman is truly an extraordinary project, the fruit of great skill, constancy and coherence. Nuala has selected her portrait subjects with care; they are men and women with whom she feels affinity, friends and people she admires. All of them are part of her world, the design world. Because they are people she knows, they are susceptible to being portrayed not only in their outward appearance, but also, and especially, in their intimate state of mind, in the way they feel.

One by one, or in couples, her chosen subjects were photographed, analyzed and then very slowly painted. The process took several years, and progress on the series came about little by little, with Nuala steeped in a mental aura that is the opposite of the hard velocity of a design project. That is why all these figures seem softly veiled, as if wrapped in a faraway and protective space that connects and submerges all of them.


Nuala Goodman born in Dublin in 1962. Studied Fine Art (Painting) at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. Has lived in Milan since 1984 Has always made art that combines elements of fashion, design and painting Projects include:The Irish Chair-1988/90, in collaboration with James Howett Painted Boxes (Alessi)-1993 "Eve" watch (Swatch)-1995 Textile design (Fantoccoli,Miroglio)-1984/1990 In 1996 co-founded the "I+I", a small company that designs objects and textiles wich largely produced in India, using traditional artisan manufacturing techniques In 2004 returned to painting.

Dimensions31.5" X 39.37"

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