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Kugel K:
Kugel K:
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Photo Credits: Taufik Kenan (White) and Jan PER Sonntag (Black)
Product Name:Kugel K
Product TypeSuspension
Suspension lamp made from goose quill feathers inserted into perforated cotton chintz over a steel frame. Pluma Cubic pieces are completely hand created with 2000 to 4000 individually selected feathers chosen for their homogeneity are used to create each light. Due to their hornlike material, feathers are very durable. Under the right conditions they can last for centuries as shown by the traditional feather ornaments made by natives of North and South America which can still be admired in museums today. The lights illustrate two opposing sides: the outside shows the soft fluffy natural flowing beauty of the feathers while the inside shows the hard rigidity of the internal components. Thus from the plumage of feathers emerge opulent minimalistic light objects. Pluma Cubic pieces are easy to clean
and are in accordance with veterinary standards.
Please Note: The Kugel K suspension is not supplied with the wiring for 120 Volt U.S. Standards. Wiring for 120 Volt U.S. Standards is available for a charge of $ 250.00.

Material(s)Goose Quill Feathers / Cotton Chintz / Brushed Stainless Steel Ceiling Canopy
Lamping2 x E27 Low Wattage Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

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